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Nevada-based Allied Energy Corporation “AEC” is launching a marketing and distribution strategy for a promising line of revolutionary organic fertilizer throughout the Americas. Basically, we are in the business of enabling farmers to energize & enrich their soils while avoiding the overuse of expense and environmentally unsound synthetic, chemical fertilizers … more. BBWG™, Allied Energy’s flagship line of organic fertilizers, is an environmentally-friendly proven product that nourishes and replenishes the soil and improves crop yields and product quality … benefits that flow straight to the grower’s bottom line. Economical and easy to use, BBWG™ produces outstanding results; especially in areas of depleted soils or soils of high salinity, or where arid conditions stunt plant growth. Read more about the extraordinary capabilities of BBWG-7770™.



Healthy-Crops-1 Recently, Allied Energy Corporation signed a Joint Development Agreement with Natural Mining International, Inc. “NMI” whereby the two companies will jointly develop products and markets for NMI’s line of high-performance bio-fertilizers and other environmentally friendly products based upon the unique organic properties of a large, high-grade deposit of humus and fulvic acid owned and being mined by Natural Mining. Descriptions of the Company’s extraordinary fertilizer blends, organic soil enhancers, organic fumigants and other products are provided in the Products section.

On May 5, 2013 Allied Energy entered into a Joint Development Agreement and a World Wide Licensing Agreement with Natural Mining International, Inc., for the development, sale and distribution of fertilizers and biomediation products, currently marked under the name BBWG, Building a Better World Green and Organic Green Products. The fertilizer products are used in commercial agriculture for the production of conventional and organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. The biomediation products are used for remediation of oily wastes, legumes and noxious odors. Current high growth markets for the sale of these products include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China.

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