Synthetic vs. Organic Fertilizers: Can Plants Tell the Difference?

At AGYP, Allied Energy Corporation, we are committed to the environment and ensuring you and your family are able to enjoy a healthy, non-toxic food supply by only using organic materials in our fertilizers. With organic fertilizer, the plants you grow will be healthier, stronger, and full of nutrients. Your flowers and shrubs will be brighter and have resistance to insects and disease.

The difference between synthetic and organic fertilizer is clear. Plants can tell the difference between these fertilizers as evidence in your garden. Synthetic fertilizers provide too much nitrogen, which encourages rapid, weak growth. Synthetically produced phosphorous attaches to minerals such as magnesium, manganese and others, which prevents the plant from absorbing them. Potassium chloride depletes magnesium and calcium in the soil; it also mobilizes the heavy metal cadmium, which is taken up into the plant. You and your family eat the grain crops and wind up being contaminated. Increased cadmium levels have been linked to the rise in breast cancer. We at Allied Energy are working hard to prevent this from continuing.

Our organic fertilizers contain no synthetic materials or synthetically produced materials. They work by enhancing the microbial growth, which actually feeds the plant. Although your plants may appear to be growing a little slower, they are stronger and healthier. Our fertilizer mixtures imitate fertile soils such as those found on the prairie or in the forest. All of the materials used are natural, renewable and non-toxic. We recommend that you choose the best AGYP Allied Energy products for your soil, climate and plants. Apply them at the recommended rates and times for the best results. You can use both soil amending and foliar fertilizers for your plants. Our goal is for you and your family to have the best, healthiest landscape, and food crops possible.

Healthy Soil = Healthy crops = Healthy Profits

Fertilizer Basics: What Exactly is Fertilizer?

At Allied Energy (AGYP), we provide high quality organic fertilizer for your needs. Some may wonder, what exactly is the benefit of choosing the best fertilizer from an organic fertilizer company? Let’s examine the following questions:

What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a cocktail of nutrients for soil to promote healthy growth for plants and crops. Plants grow when they are able to extract nutrients from the soil that support their cellular processes. Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium are needed for plant growth, and Allied Energy fertilizer adds more of these nutrients to soil so that plants have a great supply.

Why Use Fertilizer?

Soil does contain some nutrients on its own. However, modern day soil is steadily depleting itself of the nutrients that plants need. For this reason, plants tend to grow better when they have a high quality AGYP fertilizer to provide a rich and ample source of nutrients to the soil.

Synthetic vs. Organic Fertilizers

There are two types of fertilizer: synthetic and organic. Synthetic fertilizer is made from chemical compounds that break down and provide the plants with the nutrients they need. This type of fertilizer is made from chemical compounds created in laboratories. Organic fertilizers use only natural sources of nutrients. The latter type of fertilizer is much better for plants because it provides them with a healthier source of nutrients. For this reason, we only use the best high quality organic ingredients in each of our fertilizers.

Because of this fertilizer is an integral part of plant care. For plants that grow quickly and healthily, choosing a good, organic fertilizer is key. Check the labels of your chosen fertilizer to learn more about the routines you should follow to use the fertilizer. Choose the best food possible for your soil and your plants and choose Allied Energy and its quality, organic fertilizer products.


Can Organic Farming Feed Us All?

People who are not familiar with organic farming consider it to be impractical to feed the entire world population, especially with advancements in science and medicine. The truth is: Not only is organic farming practical, but it is a real solution to the problem of the global food supply in the years to come. The use of chemicals and pesticides to grow food has depleted soil of its natural nutrients and damaged the environment. Organic farming begins with organic fertilizer, and we at Allied Energy are leading the way to help farmers all over the world to grow their crops organically.

We at Allied Energy are able to produce and distribute our organic fertilizer products at a cost that enables the small farmer to be competitive with larger farms that are using chemicals to produce a nutrient filled soil. The fertilizers made by our firm begin with animal manure. From this natural foundation, we add a propriety blend of essential soil minerals and other organic elements that all rich soils have that are found in nature.

Our fertilizers are concentrated and have the effect of rejuvenating soil that has been unproductive for many years. Farmers commonly find better growth with their crops than they have experienced for a long time. Not only are the results of using our organic fertilizers productive for a farmer, but because these products are organic, they are also sustainable way to farm. Soil is rejuvenated, instead of depleted of its essential minerals.

Our stock is one that investors will be watching carefully in the future as we, AGYP, are the name in organic fertilizer. We have created a strong position in food growing technology that will be felt by people in societies all over the world. AGYP continues to develop new technologies and products to help turn the world into a bountiful harvest for everyone alive.

Who is Allied Energy?

For almost a century, farmers have been ingratiating synthetic chemicals with their crops to accelerate crops’ growth and yield higher returns per harvest. This has evoked a number of long term complications pertaining to soil-nourishing microorganisms, therefore a marked long-term imbalance of essential soil nutrients required to produce crops. Allied Energy steps into the game to change this by opening the conduits through which farmers can breathe life back into their soil, and in turn their own crops.

Allied Energy Corporation isn’t another on-a-dime advocate of the ecological craze, but a well established vanguard and business partner in the renaissance of eco-friendly farming. Careful research has been invested into their lineup of organic products which are engineered to rejuvenate and maintain the natural order of the crops and the land which begets them. Biological and organic fertilizers are not only far more beneficial to the plant life, but encourage a flourishing microorganism environment furthermore conducive to healthy crops and reproduction in the long run. This is the vision of Allied Energy.
These organic products are specifically tailored to an ingenuous foresight on short- and long-term ecological impacts, whether for the soil or the crops themselves. In this way, Allied Energy produces a variety of such products, each with a different specific use. For example, one type of fertilizer might be intended specifically for use with sprinklers – while others are designed to be introduced via other means. This characteristically rises in contrast to the one-size-fits-all convenience to which the chemical industry notoriously panders. More and more, farmers and realizing the toxic repercussions of this convenience, and are taking a taking a stand to renounce this for nature’s original blueprint to crop production.
Chemical fertilizers also negatively impact groundwater supplies and can actually contaminate the crops themselves, which incur a well documented gamut of afflictions on humans and animals which consume them. It’s becoming more apparent that higher short-term yields doesn’t outweigh the complications evoked for humans, crops and the ecological balance from which life has been made possible. Allied Energy has shouldered the responsibility of bringing organic fertilizing techniques back to farmers – and restoring the natural balance of the land.

Allied Energy Corporation

The name Allied Energy Corporation might conjure up the image of one of those massive fossil fuel conglomerates, but in fact it is just the opposite. This innovative firm is a world leader in the production of environmentally friendly organic fertilizers and soil enhancers. Farmers who are worried about the long term damage and high cost of synthetic fertilizers now have a safe, effective and affordable alternative.

Allied Energy Corporation produces its own proprietary products, including a line branded as Building a Better World Green™ (BBWG™). These products provide the essential nutrients (N-P-K) required for modern agriculture, along with natural micro and macro nutrients that both promote crop growth and begin the process of repairing soil damaged by chemical fertilizers.

The advantages of organic fertilizer are endless; their slow release formula yields stronger plants and more nutritious, chemical-free harvests, they are more easily broken down into the soil, help rebuild the soil with organic nutrients, avoid nitrogen burn, avoid chemical contamination of soil and water and will not leach away after a rain.

Two complementary products from Allied Energy Corporation in particular can combine to produce ideal results on the farm. BBWG™ 7000 – Organics’ Best is a fertilizer based on animal manure with additional minerals and trace elements. This broad spectrum fertilizer works at its best as a plant growth stimulator, and is especially effective in salty soil. Stabilizer Plus 8500 fertilizer enhancer contains 64 essential organic elements and minerals. It maintains soil fertility through increased biological activity. When properly blended it extends the effectiveness of Urea and holds nitrogen in suspension, allowing vastly increased utilization of nitrogen.

All Allied Energy Corporation products are produced using strict national organic guidelines. All ingredients come from natural and sustainable sources and contain no synthetics, animal by-products or sewage sludge.

Allied Energy Corp

Allied Energy Corp is an established visionary in the reintroduction of organic farming practices to abate the problematic consequences of chemical fertilizing. Organic fertilizers not only nourish and encourage the growth of crops and the microorganisms enriching the soil, but (intuitively) lack any of the toxic repercussions brought about by the utilization of their artificial counterparts. These repercussions are not only documented to adversely affect the ecology of the soil, but also yield impoverished crops which pass their toxicity onto animals and people who eat them. These chemical duplicities also pervade and corrupt groundwater which ends up in other crops and even in humans. Everything in nature somehow finds its way back to us – a serious problem not taken seriously enough. Allied Energy Corp seeks to turn these tables.

In recent years – with expositions and rising concerns in response to studies – farmers are becoming more and more conscious of the fertilizers and the techniques they utilize which lead up to tilling their results. While it’s nice to produce massive yields in the short run, chemical fertilizers simply incur too much damage in the long run to be truly efficient – enough to make crop seeds turn in their graves, figuratively.
Allied Energy Corp offers an extensive array of organic fertilizers which are engineered for a variety of specific administration methods. This fine-tuned engineering of their product line has, in fact, turned out quite successful – a one-up for the world’s aggregate effort to eco-friendliness. And while the synthetic variations of the phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium soil compounds indeed innervate crop yield, they’re analogous to coffee versus a good night’s rest: the benefits are temporary and the drawbacks – when they strike – are awful.
The chemical industry continues to come up with new ways to appeal to ecological sagacity, but as long as the products themselves are inorganic, they are problematic to the natural balance of the land from which we acquire our vegetarian foods. Allied Energy Corp stands among the world leaders in its endeavor to correct this by opening the culvert to organic practices for farmers worldwide.


Allied Energy Corporation (AGYP) pioneers production of the types of fertilizers environmentally conscious farmers need for their crops. Farmers would all agree they want to keep their soil healthy year over year, but unfortunately the use of synthetic fertilizers can destroy soil nutrients. Concentrated amounts of refined nutrients in synthetic fertilizers can kill essential symbiotic bacteria in the soil, impact soil acidity, and lower water-holding capacity. Synthetic fertilizer overuse is responsible for reductions in crop production all over the world, in part because overly high concentrations of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus poison crop plants. Luckily AGYP has agricultural solutions for a bountiful crop year after year.

AGYP sells organic soil fertilizers that match the needs of different types of crops and climates. Some fertilizers improve nitrogen uptake, while others focus on improving soil structure. AGYP specializes in plant bio-stimulants. Plant bio-stimulants improve plant health by providing hormone regulation to control growth, development, and environmental responsiveness. The stimulants help plants avoid damage from free radicals by increasing production of antioxidants. This means not only are plants going to have greater yields, but they are better able to resist damage from the elements, fungi, and micro-organisms.
Aside from the outstanding fertilizer products, this business sets itself apart with huge long-term savings, reduced shipping costs, and an easy application process that makes other companies jealous. By providing nitrogen that releases evenly and doesn’t leach into the soil, clients benefit more from less fertilizer than with other brands. While other fertilizers have special storage considerations, Allied Energy fertilizer may be stored in general tanks and trailers. It’s as safe in the box as in the soil!
Clearly, AGYP stands out from other fertilizer vendors by providing clients with a green minded approach for an industry with a green thumb. The fertilizers help energize the soil, allowing clients to focus on the other needs of their agricultural business. Allied Energy Corporation is a must-consider option that any serious farmer should check out today.

Allied Energy

Allied Energy is the only leader in the business of making sure that farms and farmers are able to do more with the land that they have. If you’re farming any crop at all, you have the right to make the most of every acre of soil that you have. You don’t have to be stuck using your land and only profiting from what comes out of the ground. You can utilize your land in many more ways than you thought.

Produce More Energy
Most farms have a surplus or gasses and farming byproducts that will allow them to produce some of their own energy. Not only do cattle produce methane as a waste byproduct, but the soil often emits a gas that can be harnessed as energy. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for the harvest season to harness energy. Energy can be collected while crops are growing, as well.
Use Your Land More Wisely
You can set up energy-producing items on your property very easily. Solar panels, wind mills, and other, smaller units can be used to harness energy all over your property. You can have solar panels on all your buildings, windmills on land that is not fit for crops, and you can even power your own equipment using these items.
You want your land to become self-sufficient, and Allied Energy is committed to giving you the chance to make that happen. Not only does Allied Energy have ideas for how you can best use your land, but Allied Energy can show you how to get the work done so that you can become an energy-efficient, and even self-sufficient, farm that produces more than just crops. You will be able to produce energy to sell, farm, and live comfortably while making the most of your land.

Building a Better World Green