Allied Energy Corporation (AGYP) pioneers production of the types of fertilizers environmentally conscious farmers need for their crops. Farmers would all agree they want to keep their soil healthy year over year, but unfortunately the use of synthetic fertilizers can destroy soil nutrients. Concentrated amounts of refined nutrients in synthetic fertilizers can kill essential symbiotic bacteria in the soil, impact soil acidity, and lower water-holding capacity. Synthetic fertilizer overuse is responsible for reductions in crop production all over the world, in part because overly high concentrations of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus poison crop plants. Luckily AGYP has agricultural solutions for a bountiful crop year after year.

AGYP sells organic soil fertilizers that match the needs of different types of crops and climates. Some fertilizers improve nitrogen uptake, while others focus on improving soil structure. AGYP specializes in plant bio-stimulants. Plant bio-stimulants improve plant health by providing hormone regulation to control growth, development, and environmental responsiveness. The stimulants help plants avoid damage from free radicals by increasing production of antioxidants. This means not only are plants going to have greater yields, but they are better able to resist damage from the elements, fungi, and micro-organisms.
Aside from the outstanding fertilizer products, this business sets itself apart with huge long-term savings, reduced shipping costs, and an easy application process that makes other companies jealous. By providing nitrogen that releases evenly and doesn’t leach into the soil, clients benefit more from less fertilizer than with other brands. While other fertilizers have special storage considerations, Allied Energy fertilizer may be stored in general tanks and trailers. It’s as safe in the box as in the soil!
Clearly, AGYP stands out from other fertilizer vendors by providing clients with a green minded approach for an industry with a green thumb. The fertilizers help energize the soil, allowing clients to focus on the other needs of their agricultural business. Allied Energy Corporation is a must-consider option that any serious farmer should check out today.

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