Allied Energy Corp

Allied Energy Corp is an established visionary in the reintroduction of organic farming practices to abate the problematic consequences of chemical fertilizing. Organic fertilizers not only nourish and encourage the growth of crops and the microorganisms enriching the soil, but (intuitively) lack any of the toxic repercussions brought about by the utilization of their artificial counterparts. These repercussions are not only documented to adversely affect the ecology of the soil, but also yield impoverished crops which pass their toxicity onto animals and people who eat them. These chemical duplicities also pervade and corrupt groundwater which ends up in other crops and even in humans. Everything in nature somehow finds its way back to us – a serious problem not taken seriously enough. Allied Energy Corp seeks to turn these tables.

In recent years – with expositions and rising concerns in response to studies – farmers are becoming more and more conscious of the fertilizers and the techniques they utilize which lead up to tilling their results. While it’s nice to produce massive yields in the short run, chemical fertilizers simply incur too much damage in the long run to be truly efficient – enough to make crop seeds turn in their graves, figuratively.
Allied Energy Corp offers an extensive array of organic fertilizers which are engineered for a variety of specific administration methods. This fine-tuned engineering of their product line has, in fact, turned out quite successful – a one-up for the world’s aggregate effort to eco-friendliness. And while the synthetic variations of the phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium soil compounds indeed innervate crop yield, they’re analogous to coffee versus a good night’s rest: the benefits are temporary and the drawbacks – when they strike – are awful.
The chemical industry continues to come up with new ways to appeal to ecological sagacity, but as long as the products themselves are inorganic, they are problematic to the natural balance of the land from which we acquire our vegetarian foods. Allied Energy Corp stands among the world leaders in its endeavor to correct this by opening the culvert to organic practices for farmers worldwide.

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