Allied Energy Corporation

The name Allied Energy Corporation might conjure up the image of one of those massive fossil fuel conglomerates, but in fact it is just the opposite. This innovative firm is a world leader in the production of environmentally friendly organic fertilizers and soil enhancers. Farmers who are worried about the long term damage and high cost of synthetic fertilizers now have a safe, effective and affordable alternative.

Allied Energy Corporation produces its own proprietary products, including a line branded as Building a Better World Green™ (BBWG™). These products provide the essential nutrients (N-P-K) required for modern agriculture, along with natural micro and macro nutrients that both promote crop growth and begin the process of repairing soil damaged by chemical fertilizers.

The advantages of organic fertilizer are endless; their slow release formula yields stronger plants and more nutritious, chemical-free harvests, they are more easily broken down into the soil, help rebuild the soil with organic nutrients, avoid nitrogen burn, avoid chemical contamination of soil and water and will not leach away after a rain.

Two complementary products from Allied Energy Corporation in particular can combine to produce ideal results on the farm. BBWG™ 7000 – Organics’ Best is a fertilizer based on animal manure with additional minerals and trace elements. This broad spectrum fertilizer works at its best as a plant growth stimulator, and is especially effective in salty soil. Stabilizer Plus 8500 fertilizer enhancer contains 64 essential organic elements and minerals. It maintains soil fertility through increased biological activity. When properly blended it extends the effectiveness of Urea and holds nitrogen in suspension, allowing vastly increased utilization of nitrogen.

All Allied Energy Corporation products are produced using strict national organic guidelines. All ingredients come from natural and sustainable sources and contain no synthetics, animal by-products or sewage sludge.

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