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Who is Allied Energy?

For almost a century, farmers have been ingratiating synthetic chemicals with their crops to accelerate crops’ growth and yield higher returns per harvest. This has evoked a number of long term complications pertaining to soil-nourishing microorganisms, therefore a marked long-term imbalance of essential soil nutrients required to produce crops. Allied Energy steps into the game to change this by opening the conduits through which farmers can breathe life back into their soil, and in turn their own crops.

Allied Energy Corporation isn’t another on-a-dime advocate of the ecological craze, but a well established vanguard and business partner in the renaissance of eco-friendly farming. Careful research has been invested into their lineup of organic products which are engineered to rejuvenate and maintain the natural order of the crops and the land which begets them. Biological and organic fertilizers are not only far more beneficial to the plant life, but encourage a flourishing microorganism environment furthermore conducive to healthy crops and reproduction in the long run. This is the vision of Allied Energy.
These organic products are specifically tailored to an ingenuous foresight on short- and long-term ecological impacts, whether for the soil or the crops themselves. In this way, Allied Energy produces a variety of such products, each with a different specific use. For example, one type of fertilizer might be intended specifically for use with sprinklers – while others are designed to be introduced via other means. This characteristically rises in contrast to the one-size-fits-all convenience to which the chemical industry notoriously panders. More and more, farmers and realizing the toxic repercussions of this convenience, and are taking a taking a stand to renounce this for nature’s original blueprint to crop production.
Chemical fertilizers also negatively impact groundwater supplies and can actually contaminate the crops themselves, which incur a well documented gamut of afflictions on humans and animals which consume them. It’s becoming more apparent that higher short-term yields doesn’t outweigh the complications evoked for humans, crops and the ecological balance from which life has been made possible. Allied Energy has shouldered the responsibility of bringing organic fertilizing techniques back to farmers – and restoring the natural balance of the land.

Allied Energy Corporation

The name Allied Energy Corporation might conjure up the image of one of those massive fossil fuel conglomerates, but in fact it is just the opposite. This innovative firm is a world leader in the production of environmentally friendly organic fertilizers and soil enhancers. Farmers who are worried about the long term damage and high cost of synthetic fertilizers now have a safe, effective and affordable alternative.

Allied Energy Corporation produces its own proprietary products, including a line branded as Building a Better World Green™ (BBWG™). These products provide the essential nutrients (N-P-K) required for modern agriculture, along with natural micro and macro nutrients that both promote crop growth and begin the process of repairing soil damaged by chemical fertilizers.

The advantages of organic fertilizer are endless; their slow release formula yields stronger plants and more nutritious, chemical-free harvests, they are more easily broken down into the soil, help rebuild the soil with organic nutrients, avoid nitrogen burn, avoid chemical contamination of soil and water and will not leach away after a rain.

Two complementary products from Allied Energy Corporation in particular can combine to produce ideal results on the farm. BBWG™ 7000 – Organics’ Best is a fertilizer based on animal manure with additional minerals and trace elements. This broad spectrum fertilizer works at its best as a plant growth stimulator, and is especially effective in salty soil. Stabilizer Plus 8500 fertilizer enhancer contains 64 essential organic elements and minerals. It maintains soil fertility through increased biological activity. When properly blended it extends the effectiveness of Urea and holds nitrogen in suspension, allowing vastly increased utilization of nitrogen.

All Allied Energy Corporation products are produced using strict national organic guidelines. All ingredients come from natural and sustainable sources and contain no synthetics, animal by-products or sewage sludge.

Allied Energy Corp

Allied Energy Corp is an established visionary in the reintroduction of organic farming practices to abate the problematic consequences of chemical fertilizing. Organic fertilizers not only nourish and encourage the growth of crops and the microorganisms enriching the soil, but (intuitively) lack any of the toxic repercussions brought about by the utilization of their artificial counterparts. These repercussions are not only documented to adversely affect the ecology of the soil, but also yield impoverished crops which pass their toxicity onto animals and people who eat them. These chemical duplicities also pervade and corrupt groundwater which ends up in other crops and even in humans. Everything in nature somehow finds its way back to us – a serious problem not taken seriously enough. Allied Energy Corp seeks to turn these tables.

In recent years – with expositions and rising concerns in response to studies – farmers are becoming more and more conscious of the fertilizers and the techniques they utilize which lead up to tilling their results. While it’s nice to produce massive yields in the short run, chemical fertilizers simply incur too much damage in the long run to be truly efficient – enough to make crop seeds turn in their graves, figuratively.
Allied Energy Corp offers an extensive array of organic fertilizers which are engineered for a variety of specific administration methods. This fine-tuned engineering of their product line has, in fact, turned out quite successful – a one-up for the world’s aggregate effort to eco-friendliness. And while the synthetic variations of the phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium soil compounds indeed innervate crop yield, they’re analogous to coffee versus a good night’s rest: the benefits are temporary and the drawbacks – when they strike – are awful.
The chemical industry continues to come up with new ways to appeal to ecological sagacity, but as long as the products themselves are inorganic, they are problematic to the natural balance of the land from which we acquire our vegetarian foods. Allied Energy Corp stands among the world leaders in its endeavor to correct this by opening the culvert to organic practices for farmers worldwide.


Allied Energy Corporation (AGYP) pioneers production of the types of fertilizers environmentally conscious farmers need for their crops. Farmers would all agree they want to keep their soil healthy year over year, but unfortunately the use of synthetic fertilizers can destroy soil nutrients. Concentrated amounts of refined nutrients in synthetic fertilizers can kill essential symbiotic bacteria in the soil, impact soil acidity, and lower water-holding capacity. Synthetic fertilizer overuse is responsible for reductions in crop production all over the world, in part because overly high concentrations of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus poison crop plants. Luckily AGYP has agricultural solutions for a bountiful crop year after year.

AGYP sells organic soil fertilizers that match the needs of different types of crops and climates. Some fertilizers improve nitrogen uptake, while others focus on improving soil structure. AGYP specializes in plant bio-stimulants. Plant bio-stimulants improve plant health by providing hormone regulation to control growth, development, and environmental responsiveness. The stimulants help plants avoid damage from free radicals by increasing production of antioxidants. This means not only are plants going to have greater yields, but they are better able to resist damage from the elements, fungi, and micro-organisms.
Aside from the outstanding fertilizer products, this business sets itself apart with huge long-term savings, reduced shipping costs, and an easy application process that makes other companies jealous. By providing nitrogen that releases evenly and doesn’t leach into the soil, clients benefit more from less fertilizer than with other brands. While other fertilizers have special storage considerations, Allied Energy fertilizer may be stored in general tanks and trailers. It’s as safe in the box as in the soil!
Clearly, AGYP stands out from other fertilizer vendors by providing clients with a green minded approach for an industry with a green thumb. The fertilizers help energize the soil, allowing clients to focus on the other needs of their agricultural business. Allied Energy Corporation is a must-consider option that any serious farmer should check out today.

Allied Energy

Allied Energy is the only leader in the business of making sure that farms and farmers are able to do more with the land that they have. If you’re farming any crop at all, you have the right to make the most of every acre of soil that you have. You don’t have to be stuck using your land and only profiting from what comes out of the ground. You can utilize your land in many more ways than you thought.

Produce More Energy
Most farms have a surplus or gasses and farming byproducts that will allow them to produce some of their own energy. Not only do cattle produce methane as a waste byproduct, but the soil often emits a gas that can be harnessed as energy. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for the harvest season to harness energy. Energy can be collected while crops are growing, as well.
Use Your Land More Wisely
You can set up energy-producing items on your property very easily. Solar panels, wind mills, and other, smaller units can be used to harness energy all over your property. You can have solar panels on all your buildings, windmills on land that is not fit for crops, and you can even power your own equipment using these items.
You want your land to become self-sufficient, and Allied Energy is committed to giving you the chance to make that happen. Not only does Allied Energy have ideas for how you can best use your land, but Allied Energy can show you how to get the work done so that you can become an energy-efficient, and even self-sufficient, farm that produces more than just crops. You will be able to produce energy to sell, farm, and live comfortably while making the most of your land.

Allied Energy Corporation

Allied Energy Corporation works for farms and farmers everywhere who want to see if they can do more with the land that they have. You don’t have to try to come up with new clever ways to use your land to produce energy. You can work with Allied Energy Corporation to see how best to make use of your land. Consider the possibilities when you are making more from your land than just crops.

You have a great deal of ready land that can be used for producing energy, and you may just not realize how much you can do with that land that is not in use. Working with Allied Energy Corporation gives you the opportunity to harness the open land that you have to make your farm operate better than it did before.
You can set up a wind mill, solar panels, and other things that will take in energy that you are getting on the property everyday anyway. Beyond these items, you can take control of the byproducts and gasses that are produced when you have crops and livestock on your land.
Your livestock produce a great deal of gas as byproducts of their feeding that you can use to produce energy. Also, your composting can produce greenhouse gas energy that you can use to power parts of the farm complex.
You don’t have to use your land for nothing but crops. You have the option to work with your land to get from it everything that is produces. Gasses, compost, solar and wind energy are all there for the taking.
Allow Allied Energy Corporation to show you how to make the most of these energy-rich endeavors so that you can go off the grid or even sell your own energy for greater profits for your business.

Allied Energy Corp

As global populations steadily rise so does the need for quality food sources. Because of its exceptional nutritional value and its efficient use of environmental resources, the plant based diet is popular with environmental and nutritional advocates. Over the years, the world’s farmers equipped with assorted chemical fertilizers and pesticides chased bumper crops and profits at the expense of soil quality. Now, many members of the newly educated public insist on quality over quantity when it comes to produce purchases, and farmers seek ways to build up their soil to meet the growing demand for clean, nutrient rich vegetables and fruits.

Enhancing Farm Soil Naturally

The chemical industry has associated itself with the agricultural industry for nearly a century. During that time, farmers experienced significant increases in crop yields by using synthetic fertilizers. However, environmental groups have highlighted the risks of continued chemical use on the world’s food supply. Chemical fertilizers supplement the soil with high amounts of artificially produced nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus that causes growth, but crops absorb very little nutrients from these farming methods. Additionally, those concentrated, synthetic fertilizers disrupt the ecology of the soil resulting in long term, decreased crop production.
Allied Energy Corp.’s mission is to help farmers create optimal growing environments for their crops. Many farmers are now eschewing high short term crop yields and are seeking more natural solutions for crop fertilization. Biological or organic fertilizers like those offered by Allied Energy Corp. integrates easily into farming soils and nourishes crops with minerals and other organic matter. Unlike chemical fertilizers that create a harmful environment to micro-organisms responsible for soil enrichment, organic fertilizers encourage their growth.
Choosing The Right Type Of Organic Fertilizer
Allied Energy Corp. did not just jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon recently but has established themselves as a leader in this market segment through careful research associated with their product line. They offer a variety of organic fertilizer products to meet the needs of all types of farming venues. For example, certain organic fertilizers are formulated for use in drip irrigation systems while others work well with sprinkler or flood based irrigation methods.
Allied Energy Corp. makes it easier for farmers to build up their soil quality even if their land has been damaged in the past by use of synthetic fertilizers. Utilizing its organic fertilizers is good for food crop production and is gentler on the eco-system than chemical fertilizers.

Enriching and Energizing Soil with Natural Products

Whether it’s via a backyard garden or agribusiness, the earth provides food, with the quality of the food dependent on the quality of soil. And that’s where AGYP can help. They’re the experts in enriching soil in natural, healthy ways.

Chemicals and pesticides are often detrimental to the soil, frequently requiring the application of greater quantities of even more potent additives. Synthetic products tend to be absorbed quickly by plants but do not provide nutrients for the earth and its organisms like earthworms. The quality of the soil deteriorates over time, leading to diminished crop yields. Organic products supplied by AGYP can help break this harmful cycle, or even better, prevent it from starting. 

Sustainable farmers are those who minimize their use of chemicals and synthetic products to grow their crops. They prefer to use techniques such as rotating crops, using cover crops, and controlling pests with natural predators. Chief among these techniques is soil enrichment, which includes compost, manure, and organic fertilizers.

An organic fertilizer is one that’s made from natural, biodegradable materials. It doesn’t pollute the atmosphere when produced, and it doesn’t contaminate the environment when applied by farmers. Additionally, it enriches and energizes soils the way Mother Nature intended.

AGYP supplies a full line of fertilizers and soil enhancers designed to enrich and energize soils in natural and sustainable ways. They use only environmentally safe ingredients that provide all the nutrients crops require, as well as nourishing the earth in which they grow.

Organic products from AGYP are proven winners when it comes to increasing both the quality and the quantity of crops for large and small farmers, with a corresponding increase in profit.


Allied Energy Corporation for Health

What farmer doesn’t want the most vibrant and prosperous crop possible? Many believe that using synthetic chemical fertilizers is the best way to achieve this at competitive standards. Fortunately, there are far better alternatives. Allied Energy Corporation works for farms and farmers who are interested in seeing if they can do more with the land that they have.

Treating the land with care is the best thing anyone could do for his or her farm. What’s more is that it’s very possible to have bountiful crops by use of organic fertilizers. The result is not only prosperous and economical but crops that are actually healthy for consumers. Real food is made with real fertilizer.

Nutrient dense fruits and vegetables grow when fertilized by products from Allied Energy Corporation. Organic fertilizers actually allow the plants to absorb nutrients much better than their synthetic counterparts. What’s more is that the crops will actually last longer because you’re investing in their health for the long-term. Worried that there’s no hope left for your nutrient depleted soil? It’s never too late. Already depleted soils can actually be replenished with organic fertilizers.