Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

When you use organic fertilizer from Allied Energy, you provide nutrients to your plants in a kind and gentle way. Synthetic fertilizers do the opposite; they damage soil and the environment. At the Allied Energy Corporation, we make sure that all of our fertilizers come from natural sources like plants, animals and minerals.

What are the benefits of using organic fertilizer from Allied Energy?

Slow Nutrient Release

Our organic fertilizers slowly release nutrients into the soil; this natural process does not overwhelm your soil with nutrients. Synthetic fertilizers break down quickly; their nutritional benefits don’t last very long. Since our fertilizer absorbs slowly, you don’t need to use as much of it. This saves you time and money in the long run.

No Chemical Processing

Our company uses naturally occurring fertilizers; since our fertilizers can be found in nature, there is no need to chemically refine them. Natural ingredients ensure that your soil can absorb all the nutrients from our fertilizer. Our nutrient-rich fertilizers contain natural microorganisms; these organisms help your plants thrive and grow. Our fertilizers mimic natural life cycles; when you use organic fertilizer, you return natural plant nutrients to the soil.

Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic fertilizer contaminates the soil and groundwater it comes into contact with. The organic fertilizer from Allied Energy is environmentally friendly. All of our fertilizer is created from organic materials; these materials will not contaminate your soil or water. All of our products are biodegradable. You never have to worry about your environmental impact when you use our organic fertilizer.

When producing our fertilizers, we don’t use copious amounts of fossil fuels; we produce a sustainable product that doesn’t leave a big carbon footprint. When you choose organic fertilizer from the Allied Energy Corporation, you choose to live a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle.

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