Can Organic Farming Feed Us All?

People who are not familiar with organic farming consider it to be impractical to feed the entire world population, especially with advancements in science and medicine. The truth is: Not only is organic farming practical, but it is a real solution to the problem of the global food supply in the years to come. The use of chemicals and pesticides to grow food has depleted soil of its natural nutrients and damaged the environment. Organic farming begins with organic fertilizer, and we at Allied Energy are leading the way to help farmers all over the world to grow their crops organically.

We at Allied Energy are able to produce and distribute our organic fertilizer products at a cost that enables the small farmer to be competitive with larger farms that are using chemicals to produce a nutrient filled soil. The fertilizers made by our firm begin with animal manure. From this natural foundation, we add a propriety blend of essential soil minerals and other organic elements that all rich soils have that are found in nature.

Our fertilizers are concentrated and have the effect of rejuvenating soil that has been unproductive for many years. Farmers commonly find better growth with their crops than they have experienced for a long time. Not only are the results of using our organic fertilizers productive for a farmer, but because these products are organic, they are also sustainable way to farm. Soil is rejuvenated, instead of depleted of its essential minerals.

Our stock is one that investors will be watching carefully in the future as we, AGYP, are the name in organic fertilizer. We have created a strong position in food growing technology that will be felt by people in societies all over the world. AGYP continues to develop new technologies and products to help turn the world into a bountiful harvest for everyone alive.

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