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Synthetic vs. Organic Fertilizers: Can Plants Tell the Difference?

At AGYP, Allied Energy Corporation, we are committed to the environment and ensuring you and your family are able to enjoy a healthy, non-toxic food supply by only using organic materials in our fertilizers. With organic fertilizer, the plants you grow will be healthier, stronger, and full of nutrients. Your flowers and shrubs will be brighter and have resistance to insects and disease.

The difference between synthetic and organic fertilizer is clear. Plants can tell the difference between these fertilizers as evidence in your garden. Synthetic fertilizers provide too much nitrogen, which encourages rapid, weak growth. Synthetically produced phosphorous attaches to minerals such as magnesium, manganese and others, which prevents the plant from absorbing them. Potassium chloride depletes magnesium and calcium in the soil; it also mobilizes the heavy metal cadmium, which is taken up into the plant. You and your family eat the grain crops and wind up being contaminated. Increased cadmium levels have been linked to the rise in breast cancer. We at Allied Energy are working hard to prevent this from continuing.

Our organic fertilizers contain no synthetic materials or synthetically produced materials. They work by enhancing the microbial growth, which actually feeds the plant. Although your plants may appear to be growing a little slower, they are stronger and healthier. Our fertilizer mixtures imitate fertile soils such as those found on the prairie or in the forest. All of the materials used are natural, renewable and non-toxic. We recommend that you choose the best AGYP Allied Energy products for your soil, climate and plants. Apply them at the recommended rates and times for the best results. You can use both soil amending and foliar fertilizers for your plants. Our goal is for you and your family to have the best, healthiest landscape, and food crops possible.

Healthy Soil = Healthy crops = Healthy Profits

Fertilizer Basics: What Exactly is Fertilizer?

At Allied Energy (AGYP), we provide high quality organic fertilizer for your needs. Some may wonder, what exactly is the benefit of choosing the best fertilizer from an organic fertilizer company? Let’s examine the following questions:

What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a cocktail of nutrients for soil to promote healthy growth for plants and crops. Plants grow when they are able to extract nutrients from the soil that support their cellular processes. Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium are needed for plant growth, and Allied Energy fertilizer adds more of these nutrients to soil so that plants have a great supply.

Why Use Fertilizer?

Soil does contain some nutrients on its own. However, modern day soil is steadily depleting itself of the nutrients that plants need. For this reason, plants tend to grow better when they have a high quality AGYP fertilizer to provide a rich and ample source of nutrients to the soil.

Synthetic vs. Organic Fertilizers

There are two types of fertilizer: synthetic and organic. Synthetic fertilizer is made from chemical compounds that break down and provide the plants with the nutrients they need. This type of fertilizer is made from chemical compounds created in laboratories. Organic fertilizers use only natural sources of nutrients. The latter type of fertilizer is much better for plants because it provides them with a healthier source of nutrients. For this reason, we only use the best high quality organic ingredients in each of our fertilizers.

Because of this fertilizer is an integral part of plant care. For plants that grow quickly and healthily, choosing a good, organic fertilizer is key. Check the labels of your chosen fertilizer to learn more about the routines you should follow to use the fertilizer. Choose the best food possible for your soil and your plants and choose Allied Energy and its quality, organic fertilizer products.


Can Organic Farming Feed Us All?

People who are not familiar with organic farming consider it to be impractical to feed the entire world population, especially with advancements in science and medicine. The truth is: Not only is organic farming practical, but it is a real solution to the problem of the global food supply in the years to come. The use of chemicals and pesticides to grow food has depleted soil of its natural nutrients and damaged the environment. Organic farming begins with organic fertilizer, and we at Allied Energy are leading the way to help farmers all over the world to grow their crops organically.

We at Allied Energy are able to produce and distribute our organic fertilizer products at a cost that enables the small farmer to be competitive with larger farms that are using chemicals to produce a nutrient filled soil. The fertilizers made by our firm begin with animal manure. From this natural foundation, we add a propriety blend of essential soil minerals and other organic elements that all rich soils have that are found in nature.

Our fertilizers are concentrated and have the effect of rejuvenating soil that has been unproductive for many years. Farmers commonly find better growth with their crops than they have experienced for a long time. Not only are the results of using our organic fertilizers productive for a farmer, but because these products are organic, they are also sustainable way to farm. Soil is rejuvenated, instead of depleted of its essential minerals.

Our stock is one that investors will be watching carefully in the future as we, AGYP, are the name in organic fertilizer. We have created a strong position in food growing technology that will be felt by people in societies all over the world. AGYP continues to develop new technologies and products to help turn the world into a bountiful harvest for everyone alive.


Health Effects of Synthetic Fertilizer

Most people do not think twice about using synthetic fertilizers on commercial and residential properties. However, the reality is that synthetic fertilizers contain nitrate, phosphorus, and potassium. These chemicals can be hazardous to health if exposed to humans. For this reason, Allied Energy Corporation (AGYP) is dedicated to offering only organic fertilizers that do not present health hazards and contribute to environmental sustainability.

The warnings label on synthetic fertilizers are numerous: wear gloves, avoid prolonged exposure, keep the product out of the reach of children and pets, avoid breathing the dust, wash skin and eyes after any direct contact, do not wash fertilizer into storm drains, the list goes on. The reason for the warnings is that direct contact with these chemicals can burn skin, damage the respiratory system, aggravate existing health conditions and increase the risk of developing certain diseases. People with existing kidney, liver, urinary or respiratory problems are particularly at high risk. At Allied Energy our organic fertilizers only contain natural ingredients so they do not expose people to the dangerous doses of chemicals that can cause injury or disease.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Nitrate, phosphorus, and potassium are important minerals for healthy plant growth and soil nutrient balance. However, they are only needed in small quantities because they are just three of many elements needed for healthy soil. Yet, chemical fertilizers are regularly applied in large amounts on agricultural lands by farmers and on residential yards by commercial contractors. Though some amount is required for balanced soil conditions, they should not come from synthetic ingredients. The organic fertilizer products carried by Allied Energy Corporation enable us to supply all the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium the soil and plants need, using only natural ingredients and without jeopardizing human health.

Nitrogen is primarily used to produce rapid plant growth. When the three chemicals are applied to the soil, the balance of bacteria and other microbes needed to maintain a healthy ecosystem is changed. This starts a chain reaction leading to poor soil conditions which then leads to adding even more chemical fertilizers in an attempt to make up for the soil imbalance. Plant health suffers as nutrients degrade due to chemical exposure. These chemicals also seep into groundwater and are washed into storm drains. It is very difficult to filter nitrate out of water, meaning it is found in most municipal water supplies. In other words, chemical fertilizers harm human health directly and indirectly. The safer alternative, in every regard, is to use Allied Energy organic products.

Something is in the Air

Nitric acid is mixed with ammonia to form ammonium nitrate and is one of the elements found in most synthetic fertilizers. Ammonium nitrate releases a toxic greenhouse gas that has adverse effects on the respiratory system and can cause nausea, vomiting, muscle twitching, and many other problems. This is usually the cause of the distinct odor in buildings where the fertilizer is stored. Nitrate and its oxides are particularly harmful to the digestive systems of children and animals, which explains many of the warning on fertilizer bags. Too much nitrogen in anyone’s body cannot be processed rapidly enough by the liver and, instead of being excreted, will build up in the body and cause significant health problems. Nitrate has been linked to reproductive problems, bladder problems, blue baby syndrome, and much more.

At Allied Energy Corporation, we know a healthier and safer alternative is organic fertilizer. The use of the word “organic” is regulated and cannot be added to product descriptions unless meeting the USDA’s National Organic Program stringent standards. Organic fertilizers will not burn skin or cause respiratory problems and can contribute to a chain of events leading to agricultural products with higher nutrient content. Using Allied Energy products also contributes to human health through environmental sustainability. The bottom line is this: The hazards presented by using chemical fertilizers are simply not worth the risk.


Drawbacks of Synthetic Fertilizer

At Allied Energy, we believe that the type of fertilizer you use governs the quality of your product. People throughout the world are making the switch to organic fertilizers; they find that organic fertilizers, which are obtained from natural sources, boost a plants quality and yield.

There are significant drawbacks to using synthetic fertilizers:

Toxic Soil

The Allied Energy Corporation cares about the environment. If you choose to use a synthetic fertilizer, you risk spoiling your soil; when used, synthetic fertilizers degrade a soil’s pH, osmotic pressure and water holding capacity. Eventually, the soil becomes unusable; essentially, you are killing the soil. At Allied Energy, we don’t believe that growing produce in dead soil is a viable way of producing food.


In its natural state, synthetic fertilizer is not easily absorbed by a plant; companies need to process and break down the fertilizer until it can be easily absorbed. This means that synthetic fertilizer is easily washed away by water.

When you water your plants, synthetic fertilizer gets washed away; you end up wasting a ton of money on fertilizer that you never use. When you use a fertilizer from the Allied Energy corporation, you never have to worry about washing away your fertilizer. Our fertilizers aren’t processed, they are natural.

Expensive & Dangerous

Our company does not believe in putting expensive and deadly materials on your plants. Synthetic fertilizers can be deadly to a person’s skin and respiratory system; we really don’t believe that you should be consuming this kind of stuff. If you mess up and over-fertilize with synthetics, you end up killing your plants.

At the Allied Energy, we feel that fertilizer should be natural and safe; when you use an organic fertilizer, you prevent all the drawbacks that you find with a synthetic. The long-term costs of using a synthetic fertilizer make them just not worth it.


Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

When you use organic fertilizer from Allied Energy, you provide nutrients to your plants in a kind and gentle way. Synthetic fertilizers do the opposite; they damage soil and the environment. At the Allied Energy Corporation, we make sure that all of our fertilizers come from natural sources like plants, animals and minerals.

What are the benefits of using organic fertilizer from Allied Energy?

Slow Nutrient Release

Our organic fertilizers slowly release nutrients into the soil; this natural process does not overwhelm your soil with nutrients. Synthetic fertilizers break down quickly; their nutritional benefits don’t last very long. Since our fertilizer absorbs slowly, you don’t need to use as much of it. This saves you time and money in the long run.

No Chemical Processing

Our company uses naturally occurring fertilizers; since our fertilizers can be found in nature, there is no need to chemically refine them. Natural ingredients ensure that your soil can absorb all the nutrients from our fertilizer. Our nutrient-rich fertilizers contain natural microorganisms; these organisms help your plants thrive and grow. Our fertilizers mimic natural life cycles; when you use organic fertilizer, you return natural plant nutrients to the soil.

Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic fertilizer contaminates the soil and groundwater it comes into contact with. The organic fertilizer from Allied Energy is environmentally friendly. All of our fertilizer is created from organic materials; these materials will not contaminate your soil or water. All of our products are biodegradable. You never have to worry about your environmental impact when you use our organic fertilizer.

When producing our fertilizers, we don’t use copious amounts of fossil fuels; we produce a sustainable product that doesn’t leave a big carbon footprint. When you choose organic fertilizer from the Allied Energy Corporation, you choose to live a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle.