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Allied Energy, (“Allied” or “the Company”) was founded to exploit the high potential opportunity for growth represented by a revolutionary line of organic bio-fertilizers and soil enhancers. The Company has signed a Joint Development Agreement [Link to JOINT DEVELOPMENT page] and will soon launch an aggressive Marketing & Sales campaign to major agricultural growing regions of the Americas. Branded “Building a Better World Green products, the BBWG™ line of fertilizers and soil enhancers are environmentally friendly, economic, and provide superior benefits to farmers seeking to increase yields and quality while protecting and improving their growing environments. The increase in a grower’s profits that is derived from using BBWG™ represents excellent potential for the success of the Joint Development and Marketing Project.



… A Commitment to Excellence

Allied is an environmentally friendly company that will never knowingly degrade the environment in any way. In fact, it is the many environmentally positive aspects of using the BBWG™ products [Link to PRODUCTS page] that allow the Company to count itself among those businesses whose products and services significantly help to improve the environment … and quality of life.

Allied will cultivate long term relationships with its customers, working with them to ensure that they are using the correct BBWG™ product for their soil and growing profile, and that they are applying the product correctly to achieve maximum efficiencies and greater yields. In a very real sense, our customer relations will be a virtual partnership between Allied and every grower that uses BBWG™.

In addition to aiding the environment and contributing to each farmer’s success, Allied places job safety high on the list of “how we operate our business” and will provide whatever training and incentives are necessary to our employees so that safety on the job is maintained and respected.

With regard to investor relations, Allied will ensure that all of its stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners and associates are kept abreast of significant corporate developments on an ongoing basis.



The promising business endeavors of Allied Energy Corporation are planned, executed and overseen by a strong and growing management team that is focused on results-oriented management and fiscal prudence. The skill sets that the management team brings to bear on the future fortunes of the Company include a wealth of executive experience at the senior levels in Corporate Governance, Financial Management, Marketing & Sales, Technology and Sustainable Development.



Morgan Scudi – President  & Secretary — Director

Morgan J.C. Scudi, received his BS and MS from the University of Tennessee and his JD from The American University in Washington, D.C. He has extensive management experience as the head of several start-up companies. He is also managing partner of Scudi & Ayers, LLP.


William Marshall – Vice President, Chief Financial Officer — Director

William G. Marshall received his BS in Business and Marketing at San Diego State University. Since 1983, Mr. Marshall has been a Business Consultant for junior and start-up companies, providing advice in developing their structure and capital requirements to be a going corporation.


As the Company’s business develops, it is envisioned that the Board of Directors and/or the Management Team will be expanded, as required, to facilitate and support corporate growth.



Allied will grow in accordance with the success of our Marketing & Sales force. We offer an exceptional line of products to agricultural growers and we invite resumes from interested, career-minded individuals who seek extraordinary opportunities in Marketing, Sales and Distribution of an amazing and environmentally friendly product.

Each employee at Allied Energy is a member of a dedicated team of focused individuals who pride themselves on being able to offer agricultural growers a better, guaranteed way to replenish and energize their soils, and thus increase both yields and profits.

If you are interested in joining the Allied team, please send your resume and a brief letter to the address provided on the Contact Us. 

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