Corporate Philosophy

… A Commitment to Excellence

Allied is an environmentally friendly company that will never knowingly degrade the environment in any way. In fact, it is the many environmentally positive aspects of using the BBWG™ products  that allow the Company to count itself among those businesses whose products and services significantly help to improve the environment … and quality of life for everyone.

Allied will cultivate long term relationships with its customers, working with them to ensure that they are using the correct BBWG™ product for their soil and growing profile, and that they are applying the product correctly to achieve maximum efficiencies and greater yields. In a very real sense, our customer relations will be a virtual partnership between Allied and every grower that uses BBWG™.

In addition to aiding the environment and contributing to each farmer’s success, Allied places job safety high on the list of “how we operate our business” and will provide whatever training and incentives are necessary to our employees so that safety on the job is maintained and respected.

With regard to investor relations, Allied will ensure that all of its stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners and associates are kept abreast of significant corporate developments on an ongoing basis.


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