Allied Energy is in the process of planning and building a Marketing and Distribution strategy and network that will facilitate rapid introduction and sales of the BBWG™ family of organic fertilizers to major markets in North America and Latin America. Simultaneously, the Company will raise funds to allow it to achieve its Marketing & Sales objectives, which envision a successful product launch and steadily expanding sales and revenue volumes over the next two years.


[pullquote_right]Given the accelerating global population growth and rising demand for fertilizers – especially biological fertilizers – to meet soaring food demand, Allied management is enthused that it has positioned the Company in a very promising niche market in what is widely recognized as a long term growth industry.[/pullquote_right]On May 5, 2013 Allied Energy entered into a Joint Development Agreement and a World Wide Licensing Agreement with Natural Mining International, Inc., for the development, sale and distribution of organic fertilizers, currently marketed under the name BBWG, “Building a Better World Green and Organic Green Products. These fertilizer products are used in commercial agriculture for the production of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. Current high growth markets for the sale of these products include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China. The partners will cooperate in the manufacturing, development, marketing and sales of organic fertilizers and organic stabilizers including, but not limited to, plant growth regulators and organic soil conditioners (“Joint Project”).

Under the Joint Project, Natural Mining and Mr. Bakke shall be responsible for the manufacturing and development of organic fertilizers and organic stabilizers, including but not limited to, plant growth regulators and organic soil conditioners. These products will be supplied to Allied Energy, which will fund and build a sales and distribution network and, through that network, will market the products throughout the Americas.

Prior to forming the Joint Project, Allied Energy had carried out extensive due diligence concerning the BBWG family of organic fertilizers and organic stabilizers including plant growth regulators and organic soil conditioners.  In light of the extraordinary results achieved by the revolutionary BBWG products, Allied believes that this Joint Project offers excellent growth potential for all partners to the Joint Project Agreement.

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Building a Better World Green