“Building Better World Green” Fertilizers with AGYP

Allied Energy Corporation (AGYP) is leading the eco-friendly fertilizer industry in providing better yields while protecting the soil for future generations. Organic fertilizers allow wise farmers to avoid unsound synthetic, chemical fertilizers. Discover how you can conserve your soil with AGYP products.

Natural Techniques Increase Long-Term Viability of Agriculture

The farmer’s soil is the valuable asset that produces good or bad crops. Caring for that soil is a requirement for the long-term viability of your farm. A healthy soil leads to healthy food and a healthy population. Using green fertilizer is one way you can replenish, enrich and maintain the nutrients in your soil.

As the world’s population continues to increase, there is even more pressure on the food supply. The most fertile agricultural regions in the world have been tilled for many years and may see declines in their productivity if they continue to use fertilizers filled with harsh chemicals.

When the soil is depleted, arid or has high salinity levels, it can be renewed by using organic fertilizers. Unproductive land can produce good, healthy crops with green fertilizers that protect the soil.

“Building Better World Green” Fertilizers

AGYP makes the “Building Better World Green” fertilizer line to help maximize the longevity of the soil. While man-made chemicals can be very strong, they do not fit in very well with Mother Nature. Man-made chemicals are not easily recycled or absorbed by man or his environment.

Organic fertilizers are naturally recycled and reused in the natural environment. The biological, chemical and physical structure is well recognized by the ecosystem. The use of organic soil enhancers and organic fumigants is easier on the soil leading to the following benefits:

Replenish nutrients
Retain moisture
Higher yields
Improved crop quality
Longer land productivity
Consumer health

One of the worst effects of chemical use is the “drying-out effect.” AGYP organic fertilizers work with the natural environment to retain the right amount of moisture in your soil. This will extend the life of your land.

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