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AGYP- Organic and Safe

Whether it’s via a backyard garden or agribusiness, the earth provides food. The quality of the food is dependent on the quality of the soil and that’s where AGYP comes in. Allied Energy Corporation specializes in enriching soil in natural, healthy ways.

Chemicals and pesticides are often detrimental to the soil, frequently requiring the application of greater quantities of even more potent additives. Synthetic products tend to be absorbed quickly by plants but do not provide nutrients for the earth and its organisms, like earthworms. The quality of the soil deteriorates over time, leading to diminished crop yields. Organic products supplied by AGYP can help break this harmful cycle, or even better, prevent it from starting.

Sustainable farmers are those who minimize their use of chemicals and synthetic products to grow their crops. They prefer to use techniques such as rotating crops, using cover crops and controlling pests with natural predators. Chief among these techniques is soil enrichment, which includes compost, manure, and organic fertilizers.

An organic fertilizer is one that’s made from natural, biodegradable materials. It doesn’t pollute the atmosphere when produced, and it doesn’t contaminate the environment when applied by farmers. Additionally, it enriches and energizes soils the way Mother Nature intended.

AGYP supplies a full line of fertilizers and soil enhancers designed to enrich and energize soils in natural and sustainable ways. They use only environmentally safe ingredients that provide all the nutrients crops require, as well as nourishing the earth in which they grow.

Organic products from AGYP are a proven success when it comes to increasing both the quality and the quantity of crops for large and small farmers, along with a corresponding increase in profit.