A Better Way: Organic Fertilizer by Allied Energy Corp.

Helping farmers maximize crop production, lower costs and avoid overuse of environmentally-unsound synthetic chemical fertilizers is the goal of a new marketing and distribution network launched at Nevada-based Allied Energy Corp.

Marketed under the brand name BBWG – an acronym for Building a Better World Green – the initiative stems from an agreement earlier this year with Natural Mining International, which provides the organic backbone of the organic product that nourishes and replenishes soil and improves crop yields and product quality.

Allied Energy Corp. sees an eager and growing market for BBWG in the production of conventional and organic fruits, vegetables and grains in markets ranging from the United States and Canada to Mexico, Brazil and China.

With the development and marketing of BBWG, Allied Energy Corp. has become a leader in the fast-growing niche of environmental-friendly agricultural products that boost yields and replenish soil without the damage caused by traditional chemical fertilizers.

Sustained use of organic fertilizers like BBWG allow plants to break down natural organic compounds already in the soil and absorb them efficiently, converting nutrients to food without harsh chemicals.

In addition, BBWG avoids nitrogen burn and is made of completely biodegradable nutrients that will not damage land or water resources, resulting in agricultural products free of harmful chemicals that otherwise enter the food chain under conventional fertilizer methods

Landowners and agricultural producers can contact Allied Energy Corp. to begin using BBWG, which is made from living matter to provide natural micronutrients for healthy, sustainable soil and improved crop production.

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