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The revolutionary BBWG product family encompasses a line of natural biological fertilizers and soil nutrient enhancement and micronutrient fixation systems. It enriches soil and boosts plant growth through complex biologically enabled micronutrient molecular delivery systems.

BBWG has proven to be an extraordinarily successful fertilizer and soil enhancer across a wide variety of applications that have greatly increased plant growth and yield that positively impacted the agricultural grower’s profitability without depleting the soil or threatening the environment.


The Source

BBWG™ is derived from a rare, naturally occurring soil and mineral deposit of micronutrients and naturally occurring microbes that have decomposed heavy accumulations of plant and animal life over millions of years. The deposit is rich in Fulvic and Humic acids, the key organic constituents of soil and necessities for all life.  As a result of the deposit being near surface, this natural and rich substance is unique in that it was not subjected to the extreme pressures typically occurring with other large accumulations of decomposed plant/animal life as a result of their being buried at great depths for eons

The BBWG™ product family

Following extensive research, proprietary processes were developed that extract the naturally occurring microbes, enzymes and micronutrients. The ancient spores are then reactivated through a proprietary broth and incubation process that generates exponential increases in microbe populations; these are then introduced to the soil as the final BBWG™ fertilizers and soil enhancers. Research & Development has resulted in the establishment of a wide variety of BBWG™ products  that have been formulated to address many agricultural growers’ specific needs such as depleted soils, high-salinity soils, sandy soils, areas of sparse rainfall, etc. Accordingly, the BBWG™ products have particular APPLICATION METHODS that are recommended for each use.

Wide Ranging Benefits of using BBWG™


The Company’s agricultural fertilizers and soil enhancers greatly benefit growers in many ways:
• Substantially increases crop yields
• Are an excellent plant growth bio-stimulant
• Are an effective soil enhancer
• Accelerates seed germination
• Promotes nutrient uptake
• Are a chelating agent and a disease suppressant
• Aids in reducing frost damage

Other benefits of BUILDING A BETTER WORLD GREEN™ products include:
• Environmentally safe
• Water soluble, easy to apply, economical and faster acting
• Suppresses soil and root pathogens
• Aids in root formation
• Stimulates plant enzymes and hormones
• Accelerates seed germination
• Improves soil fertility and soil microbial activity
• Chelates soil nutrients
• Promotes plant nutrient uptake
• Suppresses disease, heat stress and frost damage
• Promotes antioxidant activity


BUILDING A BETTER WORLD GREEN™’ Soil Enhancers are certified 100% ORGANIC. These products aid in transforming agriculture into a productive, environmentally sound, sustainable enterprise.

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